Step 1: Select a Face

  • Gold Square Case
  • Rose Gold Square Case
  • Silver Square Case
  • Black Square Case
  • Gold Odyssey Case
  • Silver Circle Case

Step 2: Select a Leather Strap

  • Almond Silver Bali
  • Brown Gold Bali Stud
  • Black Gold Studs
  • Orange Gold Strap
  • Camel Smooth Gold
  • Leopard with Gold Rivets
  • Tobacco Wash with Gold Rivets
  • Tobacco Wash with Silver Rivets
  • Black with Gold Rivets
  • Black with Silver Rivets
  • Brown with Gold Rivets
  • Brown with Silver Rivets
  • Grey with Gold Rivets
  • Grey with Silver Rivets
  • Nude with Gold Rivets
  • Nude with Silver Rivets
  • Gold with Silver Rivets
  • Mushroom with Rose Gold Rivets
  • Mushroom with Gold Rivets
  • Red with Gold Rivets
  • Red with Silver Rivets

Optional: Select a Charm Story

  • no charm selected

  • Gatsby Crystal Chain

    Gatsby Crystal Chain

  • Gold Black Magic

    Gold Black Magic

  • Diamond Crystal

    Diamond Crystal

  • Turquoise Crystal

    Turquoise Crystal

  • Gold Glam Chain

    Gold Glam Chain

  • Malibu Gold Chain

    Malibu Gold Chain

  • Gold Houndstooth Chain

    Gold Houndstooth Chain

  • Multi-Chain Silver (venice silver)

    Multi-Chain Silver (venice silver)

  • Multi-Chain Gold (venice gold)

    Multi-Chain Gold (venice gold)

  • Brazil Stones

    Brazil Stones

  • Silver Aztec

    Silver Aztec

  • Primary Friendship bracelet

    Primary Friendship bracelet

  • Carerra


  • Aqua St Tropez Crystal

    Aqua St Tropez Crystal

  • Roman Coin Charms

    Roman Coin Charms

  • Viva Las Vegas

    Viva Las Vegas

  • Tourista Gold

    Tourista Gold

  • Garden Gold

    Garden Gold

  • Treasure Gold

    Treasure Gold

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design your own watch

step 1: select a face
step 2: select a leather strap
step 3 (optional): select a charm story

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please note customized watches are not returnable

Please note all of our Leather Wrap Watches are hand assembled and made with care. Please allow 7-10 business days for ALL orders from the date of their order to ship out of our office to you. Thank you for your patience!