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Malibu Tie Dye-Blue Wrap Watch

Malibu Tie Dye-Blue Wrap Watch


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January 20 - February 18

Your professional front shall see many ups and downs for this month. You shall be devoid of support from your superiors if you work in an organization. Lady luck is in no mood to smile upon you. This is particularly true for the first half of the month. Things are likely to get brighter towards the latter part of the month. You will be bestowed with the strength to forbear these testing times. Workers will be dissatisfied with their authorities. People who do business with any government agency shall not get their support and will be ultimately disappointed. The married couples shall face disharmony in their bond. Students are likely to lose focus during this phase.


Helps remain levelheaded

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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Malibu Tie Dye-Blue Wrap Watch

about Aquarius

See both sides of a problem in order to solve it. Able to perceive the future and set long term goals. See the world as full of possibilities. Aquarius is highly intellectual and a deep thinker. They can quickly lose motivation if not challenged. An Aquarius is a progressive thinker which longs for freedom of expression. Most comfortable in a ground they enjoy being surrounded by people.