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Brazil Beach Stones

Brazil Beach Stones


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January 20 - February 18

You are soon going to bloom in a flower of positivity, enthusiasm, and spontaneity; this is going to paint your life in rainbow colors. Your financial condition will see a better phase and new sources of income will be generated. Social, financial, as well as family relations, will witness a better phase. New pillars of long lost strength and will finally breathe in the air of new and refreshed energy. Old friends will come and little joys of old memories will brighten your whole month. This will also revive the energy and enthusiasm in you and you’d be able to work hard towards your children's wedding. With new bonds in the family, there’ll be happiness around. People in the service sector will come up with flying colors and receive exponential success. Chances of visiting abroad for work are seen. There are sheer signs that pending works will finally come to an end. A beneficial time for the people in love as sudden proposals would be accepted and the bond will continue growing stronger. Students who work hard will pass the examinations for higher studies in Abroad.


Helps remain levelheaded

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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Brazil Beach Stones

about Aquarius

See both sides of a problem in order to solve it. Able to perceive the future and set long term goals. See the world as full of possibilities. Aquarius is highly intellectual and a deep thinker. They can quickly lose motivation if not challenged. An Aquarius is a progressive thinker which longs for freedom of expression. Most comfortable in a ground they enjoy being surrounded by people.