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Brazil Beach Stones

Brazil Beach Stones


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January 20 - February 18

There is no alternative to sustained hard work, remind you the stars – as the month begins. Short cuts work for short periods of time! So, steer clear of anything that appears too easy, too shiny or too quick, hints Ganesha. Hurdles frustrate you on 3rd and 4th. Lady Luck is not on your side, at the moment – chalk out your fortune course yourself. Vibes are not so easy, on the home and marital front. Venus turns retrograde in your 10th House around 6th/ 7th – making matters troublesome on the work front. You are quieter than usual on 8th – don’t let this planetary tussle get the better of you. By 10th, things start regaining their lost sheen – or so it seems. Well, isn’t it all in the mind? The New Moon fills you with optimism, and soon enough, opportunities come your way. How positive thoughts attract positivity! By 12th and 13th, you feel better, and are eloquent at work – thanks to Mercury that has joined Jupiter and (retrograde) Venus in your Karmic zone. Naturally, work takes the center-stage – with lots happening there. Amidst this busyness, don’t forget your health. There may be delays and missed chances; but stay on course. Work on your strength and fitness; cut stress and bad food. 16th brings an unexpected expense, which, most likely, is associated to a fruitless pursuit. Mars moving through your Sign keeps you energized, thankfully. On 22nd, you are a go-getter, ready to initiate action and make changes. Limelight again falls completely and squarely on the work sphere, when Sun too moves to Scorpio – your 10th House. The results will be mixed, as (already retrograde) Venus gets combust now. Someone may attempt to steal your thunder! 24th is a day of amplified emotions. Keep a calm and unbiased stance in love. Don’t worry, if there isn’t much momentum – things have to get better soon. On 27th/ 28th, some of you plan relocation or a residential move, while the ones studying fail to concentrate much. 29th is a good day to start repayments on a debt, you may have taken a while ago. In personal relations or business partnerships, confusion and anger may not let you see clearly. Find balance!


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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Brazil Beach Stones

about Aquarius

See both sides of a problem in order to solve it. Able to perceive the future and set long term goals. See the world as full of possibilities. Aquarius is highly intellectual and a deep thinker. They can quickly lose motivation if not challenged. An Aquarius is a progressive thinker which longs for freedom of expression. Most comfortable in a ground they enjoy being surrounded by people.