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Brazil Beach Stones

Brazil Beach Stones


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January 20 - February 18

The month of July may pass with great joy and happiness for you. Your financial situation may improve. You would be able to save money during this month and would be able to secure your future. You may invest in long term instruments. Your lifestyle may prosper during this time. Matters related to your family may get resolved, and you may witness a great understanding level among your family members. Matters related to your children's marriage may get solved during this time. Your relationship with your life partner may get stronger. For your career, this month may give you positive results. You may get more options and new opportunities to grow in your career and even get success in it. In your job, you may get a promotion during this time. Your business may expand, and you may even go on a foreign business trip to expand it further during this period.  Loan related matters may fall in your favor during this time. For your love and relationship, this month may give you golden times. There are no major health related issues in July.


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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Brazil Beach Stones

about Aquarius

See both sides of a problem in order to solve it. Able to perceive the future and set long term goals. See the world as full of possibilities. Aquarius is highly intellectual and a deep thinker. They can quickly lose motivation if not challenged. An Aquarius is a progressive thinker which longs for freedom of expression. Most comfortable in a ground they enjoy being surrounded by people.