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Reykjavik Chain Watch

Reykjavik Chain Watch


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March 21 - April 19

This month, employees may get a change in their position or responsibilities. Job-holders, government or private, will have some differences with their seniors. People looking for a job may find one but at a far location. You may have to compromise on your salary if you are appearing for a job interview. As a businessman, if you have not paid tax; there may be some inquiry or a case getting filed against you. You may feel more attracted to the opposite sex. Your overall health will be positive during this month, although, pimples or some inflammation in your eyes may bother you. There are chances of some fights as a result of your aggressive nature. You’ll have an urge to earn as much money as you can, and will work really hard for that. However, you may not get expected returns. You may find your family members’ behaviour very stubborn; you may also feel like your children’s behaviour has changed. For property and wealth, this month will be average for you. People wanting to buy an office, shop, or car may find this time favourable for them. It’s advisable for students to take additional care of their health or it will reflect in their exam preparations.


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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Reykjavik Chain Watch

about Aries

Naturally brave. Possess youthful strength and energy. Aries are always looking for answers. As the first sign of the zodiac they are go-getters and often starting something new. They are adventurous and active and often leave an impression on the people around them. As a fire sign it is in their nature to take action which can sometimes lead to trouble if they don't look before they leap. Their boldness allows them to take risks without fear.