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Reykjavik Chain Watch

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March 21 - April 19

During this month, you would require being cautious of your love and relationship. People already having a relationship may witness differences with their partner. This month would not prove great for initiating a new relationship. You may face issues with your friends, wife, and father during this month. For your business or job, you may have to face some complications. There are chances of health issues related to cold, cough, etc. during this period. You may not feel like working during July, which would result in a lack of concentration. Employees may feel like changing their job and would try to escape workload. If you have a business, you would not be able to complete your work on time which may create problems for you. For matters related to your family and children, this month may not support you; the probability of hindrance is really high during this time. You may plan to buy property, vehicle, furniture, gadgets, etc. for your family members and would succeed in it. There are also chances of you buying a new home this month. Students may witness aggressive arguments with their elders for choosing their field for a career. Students in higher education pursuing writing, reporting, C.A, IIT, etc. may require working really hard to get desired results. You may feel great bonding of love with your life partner, but still, there are chances of differences between you and your partner. For your sexual relationship, this month may not favor you that much.


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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Reykjavik Chain Watch

about Aries

Naturally brave. Possess youthful strength and energy. Aries are always looking for answers. As the first sign of the zodiac they are go-getters and often starting something new. They are adventurous and active and often leave an impression on the people around them. As a fire sign it is in their nature to take action which can sometimes lead to trouble if they don't look before they leap. Their boldness allows them to take risks without fear.