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March 21 - April 19

Home takes the centre-stage, as the month begins. If something needs repairing, so be it – attend to it all there and then. Avoid procrastination, says Ganesha. Parents of school-going children may remain concerned about their kid’s academic progress. Be there to support them. Ones already in love may have some misunderstandings and stressed conversations. Keep a patient attitude to sail through. 5th and 6th are important days when it comes to relationship matters. Same goes for business partnerships. Spend time together, talk it out, and put your heads together to bring realistic solutions to ongoing issues. You are not your usual self on the 8th. Do your best to shake off the inertia. By 9th, things start clearing up considerably – look ahead and plan for the coming fortnight. Planets may still not relent, but nothing is difficult, when you are determined. Work and deadlines keep the overall pace busy and hectic - from 10th through 14th. Mercury’s movement to Scorpio indicates some distractions – be careful if you are a student or are involved in a task requiring keen concentration. 15th sees you all buoyed up and raring to go. Don’t get disheartened, if the cosmos refuses to cooperate. Certainly, don’t let the stress affect you or your health. There would be some gains on the 16th. Things are getting better! But, your personal life is still giving you jitters. Debates are great, but only on stages, reminds Ganesha. At home – keep a calm discussion mode on. Too many distractions and less focus on academic growth are foreseen for students too. As for the health, you may not be in your best form on 20th and 21st. Careful! You are back to the groove by 22nd, ready to fire on all cylinders. Professional and Karmic matters still remain slow, but there surely is growth. By 23rd, there is a party of planets in your 8th House – what with Sun joining Venus, Jupiter and Mercury, already traversing there. An emotional breakdown is likely, unless you are guarded. Is something really getting to you? Keep your mind away by focusing on charity work or creative activities, suggests Ganesha. On 29th, it seems that all you care about is saving money. What a change in attitude! Don’t go the unethical route to earn extra, though. As the month draws to a close, things continue to remain a tad discomforting, but nothing can bog you down.


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Reykjavik Chain Watch

about Aries

Naturally brave. Possess youthful strength and energy. Aries are always looking for answers. As the first sign of the zodiac they are go-getters and often starting something new. They are adventurous and active and often leave an impression on the people around them. As a fire sign it is in their nature to take action which can sometimes lead to trouble if they don't look before they leap. Their boldness allows them to take risks without fear.