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June 22 - July 22

Work-wise, you are likely to receive a warning for not paying proper attention to your duties and responsibilities in the organization. Even businessmen dealing with customers are likely to face backlash for their products. They may also demand a refund for the sales. However, you are advised to use this as constructive criticism. Health-wise, no significant issue can be foreseen. However, it would be wise to tend to even the smallest matter as opposed to ignoring it. You are likely to face minor issues. However, these ailments may be persisting and will leave you annoyed in the process. You may be prone to gastric issues during this phase. The second week of the month is likely to be a little stressful on the whole. You may incur some losses and may even have to spend time away from your family and loved ones. The 17th of November may prove to be the most stressful for you. However, from the 18th onwards, things will begin to relax, and many of your issues will be resolved. You will also feel a lot better emotionally. In terms of finance, your expenses may cross your expected limits, but the income from various sources like interest or social, monetary help would come handy.


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about Cancer

Deeply intuitive. Persistently determined. Quick to help others. Emotional and sensitive, a Cancer is deeply attached to their inner circle. Especially empathetic, they have an ability to understand what others are going through. With the Moon as its ruling planet, a Cancer can have fleeting emotional patterns created by the phases of the lunar cycle. With an aversion to conflict, Cancer is happy in a tranquil and harmonious home.