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June 22 - July 22

For your professional life, this month will prove progressive. Employees will be able to showcase their talent and prove to be strong contenders for the higher position. You will have the full support of your seniors and will shock everyone with your important decisions. You may get a chance to go on a foreign trip as well. People wanting to get a job may get success. People in business will have to be extra cautious during this time as their impulsive decisions without considering market trends may result in losses. Partnership business may give you losses during this month. This month will prove detrimental for you in terms of your mental and physical health. The first twenty days of this month may prove negative for your health; you may get health issues like cold, cough or fever during this time. Your digestion system may get weak during this period. In the last ten days, your health may improve. Matters related to your ancestors’ property may bring you negative results. Students will be able to study with full dedication during the first fifteen days of this month but afterwards, they may get into some adverse situations and will not feel like studying. Students wanting to go for foreign education may get their visa during February. For your sexual relationship, the first two weeks of this month will be joyous.


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about Cancer

Deeply intuitive. Persistently determined. Quick to help others. Emotional and sensitive, a Cancer is deeply attached to their inner circle. Especially empathetic, they have an ability to understand what others are going through. With the Moon as its ruling planet, a Cancer can have fleeting emotional patterns created by the phases of the lunar cycle. With an aversion to conflict, Cancer is happy in a tranquil and harmonious home.