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June 22 - July 22

Your mind is over-powering your heart, as the month begins. Debilitated Sun now traverses through your 4th House in company of crafty Mercury – and this is viewed by Saturn (from the 7th House). Naturally, you are more guarded and cautious – than usual. Turn your mind to self-growth and development on 2nd and 3rd. On 4th, you may travel for work/ business – and this looks set to be gainful. Of course, you are busy, but this is not an excuse to ignore your health. On 8th planets don’t let you breathe easy. Saturn’s influence on Moon keeps you troubled. By 10th, thankfully, you are back on track – optimistic and forward-looking. At the same time, Mercury enters your 5th House. This seems to be a positive cosmic movement – you can be sure of reaping rewards from creative and new pursuits. You are going great, but then a bump on the marital or personal road stalls your positive momentum – to some extent – on 15th. Avoid heated debates; try understanding the other party’s perspective – even in the business partnerships, says Ganesha. Around 17th and 18th, work and business act as good diversions, nicely taking away your distressed mind (and heart) from tumultuous equations. Ones looking for a job change should keep their antennae up and working – as opportunities may knock around this time. As for the health and fitness matters, Ganesha advises you to keep up your work-out and diet plans – or else you may suffer from pains, seasonal infections or deficiencies. By 23rd, there literally is a planetary party in your 5th House – the zone of romance, pleasure, kids and creativity. Sun has joined Mercury, Jupiter and (retrograde) Venus. If you make up your mind and work hard, this is going to be an extremely fruitful fortnight. Planets, especially Jupiter and Sun have come to the help of newlyweds or married folks who want to conceive a child. Romance blooms too, but there also are chances of confusions and pipe dreams. Finances get a boost; you may get recognition too. On 29th, however, the positive vibes do not seem to be good enough to guard you from an emotional hurt. Have a heart! End the month on a happy note, as financial gains galore.


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about Cancer

Deeply intuitive. Persistently determined. Quick to help others. Emotional and sensitive, a Cancer is deeply attached to their inner circle. Especially empathetic, they have an ability to understand what others are going through. With the Moon as its ruling planet, a Cancer can have fleeting emotional patterns created by the phases of the lunar cycle. With an aversion to conflict, Cancer is happy in a tranquil and harmonious home.