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June 22 - July 22

The initial 22 days of this month are going to be super-electric for you. You will see yourself crossing high standards of mental, work, and physical capacity and much progress will come your way. While you might have an iffy stomach or dicey liver during the rest of 8 days, there will also be disinterest at the workplace. Also, the initial 15 days aren’t going to be smooth in the job; but the rest 15 days are going to be very fruitful; chances of going abroad for work are high. People holding a venture of their own might face hardships during the initial 10 days of the month but this is going to shower a rainbow of colors during the rest of 20 days; financial gains expected. The new venture will shine and financiers will be on finger count. Initial 22 days are beneficial and little borrow/lend will enhance the finances. You’ll spend quality time with the family but the last ten days might give you mental tension and unrest. 1st-4th and 27th-30th seem a good time for your children’s health and academics. 5th-26th doesn’t seem a very fruitful time. Property and wealth waves initial 22 days of the month are very beneficial. 4th-14th and 22nd-30th are good times in regards to student’s careers; however, 1st-3rd and 15th-21st will deviate your concentration from studies. Dates from 5th-26th June will not be an enticing time for married and sex life, but the good thing is before/after these dates, the romance between the couple is going to light up ethereally!


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about Cancer

Deeply intuitive. Persistently determined. Quick to help others. Emotional and sensitive, a Cancer is deeply attached to their inner circle. Especially empathetic, they have an ability to understand what others are going through. With the Moon as its ruling planet, a Cancer can have fleeting emotional patterns created by the phases of the lunar cycle. With an aversion to conflict, Cancer is happy in a tranquil and harmonious home.