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Venus Stones Watch

Venus Stones Watch


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December 22 - January 19

During the first half of this month, your health would not support you. Your productivity may decrease and you may feel less interested in your work. During the rest of the days, your health would improve and your productivity, along with your self-esteem and willpower. Employees may get many opportunities to progress during the first eighteen days of this month. They may even get the chance of a foreign business trip. For Businessmen, the first, third, and fifth weeks of this month would fall in their favor. For your finance related matters, the first half of this month may prove positive and your income would increase. You may witness great happiness and joy in your family during the first fourteen days of July. There are chances of some stress, anxiety, and frustration in your family during the rest of the days of this month. For matters related to wealth and property, you may get a failure during the first nineteen days of this month, though you make get success during the rest of the days of this month. For students, this month may prove a little challenging for them to concentrate on their studies. They may get interested in subjects other than their course of studies. For your married life, the second, third, and fourth weeks may bring lots of happiness and excitement. If you have a relationship or if you are indulged in an extramarital affair, you may get success during the first two days of July.


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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Venus Stones Watch

about Capricorn

Family comes first for a Capricorn. Believer in traditional values. Strives to get to the top based solely on their experience. Capricorn is disciplined and embodies self-control. Their practicality allows them to plan for the future. The Capricorn is very independent which is helpful in attaining personal and professional goals. As a believer of quality over quantity a Capricorn takes pride in their work.