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Venus Stones Watch

Venus Stones Watch


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December 22 - January 19

Be practical in relationships and partnerships, as the month begins. Anxiety will pull you down, so try to keep a neutral, unaffected stance. Opposition of Mars and malefic Rahu on your 2/8 House axis does not spell well for your financial health and family equations. Viewing this, Ganesha advises you to handle related matters with utmost caution. Mercury traversing through your 10th House makes you eloquent and candid at work – but be discreet, while talking to an angry boss. Around 6th, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio – your 11th House. Friendships suffer! 8th and 9th see you being your usual self – calm, poised and confident – at work. Don’t forget to thank Sun and Mercury. However, retrograde Venus may create some troubles, primarily in your personal equations. Employ your personal charm and persuasion skills to full use! Around 11th, Mercury shifts into Mars-ruled Scorpio, your 11th House, facilitating good opportunities for material and monetary benefits. Ones eager to conceive a child will be favored by the benevolent Jupiter. Love birds get the astral nod too. 15th is all about strategies, work and success-related agendas. Three planets move through your 11th House – so opportunities to meet, mingle and also earn abound. Will you enjoy this? Maybe! Around 17th or 18th, a disturbance in family needs your attention. Be available, and handle tactfully. You may even be travelling for work/ business at this time. Be vigilant, while dealing with new people. 22nd is the time for fresh energy and action. Go ahead with an open mind. Around 22nd/ 23rd, Sun enters Scorpio. But, this makes Venus lose its strength (as it gets combust). Work or business may run into challenges. Partnership issues are likely. If you are traveling, you may feel uncomfortable. In personal realm too, a downturn may be visible. Just move ahead with caution. When people don’t respond to you immediately – be the first one to make a move! On 29th, you are thinking about your precious personal bonds. However, singles are largely interested in enjoying the pleasures of skin now; relationships that get formed now will have the same basis.


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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Venus Stones Watch

about Capricorn

Family comes first for a Capricorn. Believer in traditional values. Strives to get to the top based solely on their experience. Capricorn is disciplined and embodies self-control. Their practicality allows them to plan for the future. The Capricorn is very independent which is helpful in attaining personal and professional goals. As a believer of quality over quantity a Capricorn takes pride in their work.