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December 22 - January 19

For Capricorns, this month will not be in their favour in terms of their physical and mental health. There are chances of health issues related to eyes, ears, throat and the digestive system. You may fail in your work as you will be less productive; you will also not be able to enjoy what you do. For employees wanting to start their own business, the first nine days of this month may show some progress. Employees may get an increment and promotion; they may be able to impress their boss with their high-quality performance. You may even get the chance to go on a foreign trip. If you are into a business, you may witness some failure during this time. During the 3rd to the 9th and the 17th to the 23rd of this month, you may experience great joy and happiness with your family. However, this period may almost prove detrimental to students. Students will be able to concentrate on their studies only in the second and the fourth week, and hard work will be of utmost importance to them. The initial stage of this month will prove weaker for married couples and their sexual life, but the latter days of February may increase the intimacy between them.


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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Venus Stones Watch

about Capricorn

Family comes first for a Capricorn. Believer in traditional values. Strives to get to the top based solely on their experience. Capricorn is disciplined and embodies self-control. Their practicality allows them to plan for the future. The Capricorn is very independent which is helpful in attaining personal and professional goals. As a believer of quality over quantity a Capricorn takes pride in their work.