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May 21 - June 21

The slow-paced progress makes you restless and frustrated, as the month begins. Stay optimistic and determined, as things will surely turn in your favour pretty soon. Ruler of your Sign Mercury traversing in your 5th House in conjunction with debilitated Sun will help you to some extent, assures Ganesha. Benevolent Jupiter also has an eye over your 2nd House. Financial and family matters will also get sorted duly, thus. Don’t let the material and personal sphere take away your attention from rejuvenating activities and also health and fitness. Find time for it all on 6th and 7th. Gains on 8th and 9th make you happy. Good news comes for entrepreneurs too. However, the work front won’t be without its share of struggles and challenges. Steer clear of work-place politics and shallow gossip. Influence of Venus retrogression can bring some old misunderstandings to the fore – so be guarded. Post 11th, Mercury enters your 6th House. Too much buzz in this zone. Don’t forget your health and well-being. Feeling of restlessness and internal chaos returns mid-month. Find peace by doing what you love the most. Intimate relations and love will bring you happiness – but steer clear of unhealthy temptations, if you are married. Your hard work pays, and by 17th or 18th, things begin to settle down on the occupational front. Yet, there is a sense of unease – which may even prompt you to look for a change of job or scene, feels Ganesha. Blame it on the planets – and keep a calm façade – as all this is sure to get intensified with Sun’s entry in your 6th House – around 23rd. People may be talking behind your back – but that’s okay – don’t let it affect you. Stress can take a toll on your health and relationships – so be careful. Stay positive about everything. On 28th and 29th you are thinking about money and savings. Good and constructive diversion, but don’t overdo. Get out, get going and connect with nature to relax and refresh yourself. As the month ends, you may be traveling for work/ business. Just keep your best foot forward!


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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Silver Monaco Watch

about Gemini

Quick-witted. Gentle and affectionate. Always looking for a new experience. Gemini represent two sides of a personality which allows them to have many facets which are not always alike. While fun loving and sociable a Gemini can also be serious, thoughtful and restless. Gemini are inquisitive and are always looking to learn and explore. Ruled by Mercury which represents communication, they exchange ideas well.