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Silver Monaco Watch

Silver Monaco Watch


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May 21 - June 21

This month will be great for your professional life. You’ll be able to work hard and will get work satisfaction. Your efforts and dedication will clearly reflect in the projects that you indulge in, and as an employee, you’ll be honoured and rewarded. You may be able to grab new opportunities and get progress. For your love and relationship, this month may prove average. If you are planning to propose, you should take extra care during the first and the third weeks. Your old relationship may revive again this month. During this month, your health will stay good, though you may have to be cautious during the third week. You will also have to be cautious about your eating habits. You may get many challenges in your career during this month, but you will be able to tackle them with your work ethics, dedication and your meticulous attitude towards your work. Thus, no need to worry. You may have to maintain a smooth relationship with your colleagues and boss. You will be able to move ahead in matters related to finance and money. If there are any family issues, it will get resolved during this period. Your children may feel great intimacy and respect for you.


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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Silver Monaco Watch

about Gemini

Quick-witted. Gentle and affectionate. Always looking for a new experience. Gemini represent two sides of a personality which allows them to have many facets which are not always alike. While fun loving and sociable a Gemini can also be serious, thoughtful and restless. Gemini are inquisitive and are always looking to learn and explore. Ruled by Mercury which represents communication, they exchange ideas well.