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May 21 - June 21

The month shall test your fortitude. Relationships in all spheres of life like personal, professional and parental will need careful handling with a calm mind. You may be financially strained and have to make arrangements for the same. It seems you will get an opportunity to make an investment in an asset. The employed class is advised to plan the finances of this week carefully. Business owners should be prepared to see their income affected. This is not the best time to make any expansion plans. Beware of any legality. Children should be handled with softness and love. It would be essential to take the advice of experts before arriving at a conclusion.


Fills you with a sense of calm

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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Silver Monaco Watch

about Gemini

Quick-witted. Gentle and affectionate. Always looking for a new experience. Gemini represent two sides of a personality which allows them to have many facets which are not always alike. While fun loving and sociable a Gemini can also be serious, thoughtful and restless. Gemini are inquisitive and are always looking to learn and explore. Ruled by Mercury which represents communication, they exchange ideas well.