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Portugal Crystal Watch

Portugal Crystal Watch


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July 23 - August 22

During the first eighteen days, your health will not support you. Your productivity may reduce, and you will not be able to enjoy your work. However, the rest of the days will be positive for your health; your willpower and self-esteem will also get a boost. You may take part in some physical competition and even win. The second and the fourth weeks may prove great for employees and people in the business. Employees may progress during this period, but, during the third and the fifth weeks they may get reprimanded from their boss. You may be disgraced even after working hard. During the first nine days of this month, your income will increase. From the 10th to 23rd of February, you may feel anxious and frustrated with regards to your family issues. The last week, however, will prove great for you. For your children’s health and education, the beginning of the month will be great but the second half may not be positive. For your property related matters, 17th to the 28th of this month will be beneficial. Students will be able to get great results during the first nine days of this month, but after that, they will focus less on their study.


Protect natural order from being disrupted

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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Portugal Crystal Watch

about Leo

Natural born leader. Passionate about life. Takes initiative to solve complex problems. Leo is creative and can achieve any goal they set. Their generosity and trustworthiness surrounds them with many friends. Often the center of attention the Leo also has the ability to unite many groups of people. Their “kong of the jungle” status sometimes causes them to lose perspective but their big heart makes up for it. The sense of humor of a Leo makes their relationship with others effortless.