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Portugal Crystal Watch

Portugal Crystal Watch


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July 23 - August 22

You shall be in a secure position on the financial front. You will also spend memorable moments with your family. At your workplace, some misunderstanding with superiors may creep up. As a business owner, you can expect solid support and acceleration in both efforts as well as results. You should refrain from betting. Plans to achieve success quickly shall instead harm you. Pay attention to your health as you may need to take due care. You may have contrasting thoughts with children which may make you uneasy. People with abroad tie-ups shall travel overseas. Students would find their mind unstable and be unable to make progress in academics. The best advice for you for this month is to practise polite mannerisms.


Protect natural order from being disrupted

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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Portugal Crystal Watch

about Leo

Natural born leader. Passionate about life. Takes initiative to solve complex problems. Leo is creative and can achieve any goal they set. Their generosity and trustworthiness surrounds them with many friends. Often the center of attention the Leo also has the ability to unite many groups of people. Their “kong of the jungle” status sometimes causes them to lose perspective but their big heart makes up for it. The sense of humor of a Leo makes their relationship with others effortless.