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Portugal Crystal Watch

Portugal Crystal Watch


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July 23 - August 22

During the first twenty-two days of this month, you may not feel favorable for your health. Your self-esteem and willpower may decrease and, your productivity would also reduce during this period. During the later days of this month, you may feel great for your health. You may participate in the physical competition and even win it. Your productivity may increase and you may get success in your work. For employees and businessmen, the first two weeks of this month may not favor you that much. Whereas the other days of July may support them and they may get many opportunities to progress. People wanting to get a job may get success during this period. Businessmen may progress and get success as well. During the first eighteen days of this month, you may get an increase in your income. This period may also prove joyous for your family, whereas the rest of the days may bring frustration and anxiety about your family members. For your children's health, career, and education, the second, third, and fifth weeks of this month may give you success. The first nineteen days of this month may give you negative results for matters related to your property and wealth, whereas during the last twelve days of this month may bring success. For students, 8th to 28th of July would prove positive. For your married life, the first fourteen days may not support you that much. If you have a relationship or if you are indulged in an extramarital affair, you may get success during 8th to 28th of this month.


Protect natural order from being disrupted

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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Portugal Crystal Watch

about Leo

Natural born leader. Passionate about life. Takes initiative to solve complex problems. Leo is creative and can achieve any goal they set. Their generosity and trustworthiness surrounds them with many friends. Often the center of attention the Leo also has the ability to unite many groups of people. Their “kong of the jungle” status sometimes causes them to lose perspective but their big heart makes up for it. The sense of humor of a Leo makes their relationship with others effortless.