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Portugal Crystal Watch

Portugal Crystal Watch


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July 23 - August 22

This month is your time of good fortune and fitness. With a high rise in your self-confidence and integrity, it is going to be a win-win situation for you. In case you are participating in a sport, you will be the winner. This will enhance your work capacity and you’ll progress. Your liver, intestines, and other digestive organs can form a disease; stay very careful with everything you eat.  Dates 9th -14th and 17th-30th are very fruitful in terms of business. 1st-8th and 15th, 16th seem dull. 5th-26th might see the graph drooping down in regards to business and service people; 1st-4th and 27th-30th seem beneficial. The first and last 4 days of the month are going to experience unforgettable smiles in the family; a true period of joy and cheerfulness. The first 15 days of the month are going to be very beneficial in terms of health, peace, and prosperity of the family. 22nd-30th of June is the best time for rising positivity and prosperity. You can start new relationships at this point in time. Wealth and property will go smooth during the first week but will cause issues later. Beware of any deals from 22nd-30th. The students would’ve begun the month with a lot of ups and downs but the month is favorable enough for good results by the end. Married life is going to go well except a rough patch in the mid-month.


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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Portugal Crystal Watch

about Leo

Natural born leader. Passionate about life. Takes initiative to solve complex problems. Leo is creative and can achieve any goal they set. Their generosity and trustworthiness surrounds them with many friends. Often the center of attention the Leo also has the ability to unite many groups of people. Their “kong of the jungle” status sometimes causes them to lose perspective but their big heart makes up for it. The sense of humor of a Leo makes their relationship with others effortless.