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Portugal Crystal Watch

Portugal Crystal Watch


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July 23 - August 22

You are worried about unexpected extra expenditure, when the month begins. Keep plodding ahead, even if things don’t seem very encouraging. Personal realm takes on a dull tone too. Is it due to your own bad mood? You know what you can do to set it right, hints Ganesha! Business or work may make you travel for scouring contacts, around 4th or 5th. Things, undoubtedly, are frenzied, but do take time out to refresh and rejuvenate yourself. Around 6th/ 7th, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio – your 4th House. Household expenses rise, and some old issues come back to haunt you – on the home or personal front. On 8th, you are thinking about enhancing your income. The planetary position may aggravate your troubles, making it difficult for you to find peace and calm, required to focus. Keep a neutral stance, if and when there are issues with your siblings or relatives. Inheritance issues, if there have been any in the past, are likely. Let this pass! Work, education and material endeavors remain hectic and buzzing. Mercury and Jupiter together will work well to keep you in a strong position on the financial front. As a professional, you will be determined to get recognition for your good work, on 15th and 16th. The relationship front, however, is still shaky – try not to get trapped in conflicting conversations. How will you dodge them? You know the best – but do it imperceptibly and smartly, hints Ganesha. 18th and 19th bring vibes that leave you vulnerable – emotionally and physically. Take care! On 22nd, something or the other stops you from giving your best. Blame it on Moon’s placement and have faith in your abilities. Around 23rd, Sun moves to Scorpio – your 4th House. This move frees Sun from malefic influences, which is bound to have a positive effect on your personality and life. You shine, and are more robust and affirmative – in matters of heart and home. Work remains busy, so love takes a back-seat – even more so, as Venus gets combust. Business folks need to tread ahead cautiously. 29th is all about earning more money, while on 30th, you seem to be finding ways to spend it, chuckles Ganesha. Tighten your purse strings!


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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Portugal Crystal Watch

about Leo

Natural born leader. Passionate about life. Takes initiative to solve complex problems. Leo is creative and can achieve any goal they set. Their generosity and trustworthiness surrounds them with many friends. Often the center of attention the Leo also has the ability to unite many groups of people. Their “kong of the jungle” status sometimes causes them to lose perspective but their big heart makes up for it. The sense of humor of a Leo makes their relationship with others effortless.