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Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch

Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch


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September 23 - October 23

This month may prove full of ups and downs for your life. You may feel confusing in your personal life; there are chances of stress in your relationship thus you would have to be careful during this month. There are chances of misunderstandings as well which may hurt your feelings, and you may think of breaking your relationship. You would also have to be cautious of your health as seasonal changes may affect your health. For your business, job, or career, you may find this month in your favor. You may get results as per your hard work; though you would maintain your current situation during July. You may incur expenses to satisfy your family member’s needs. You may take important decisions related to land, house, and vehicle during this period. If you are expected to do documentation work during this month, you may have to think twice before initiating anything in order to avoid unexpected issues during this time. For students, this month may prove very excited. For your married life, this month may give you mixed results.


Absorb bad energy from those around you

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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch

about Libra

A voice of reason. The one who calms the storm. One eye on balance and the other on beauty. Ruled by Venus, they their love of beautiful things causes them to surround themselves with art, music and culture. Cooperative by nature, a Libra works well on a team. As a balance a Libra is intolerant of injustice but tries to avoid conflict and keep the peace.