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Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch

Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch


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September 23 - October 23

Planets bring good news for business-people and entrepreneurs, when the month begins. Be patient and stay focused. Nothing can stop you from making a good profit now. Sun moves through your Sign, in company of Mercury at this time. So, expect some social recognition too. Relationships – on all fronts – remain unsatisfactory, though. By 6th, your Sign ruler Venus turns retrograde in your 2nd House. On 8th, probably that is why, you are somewhat restless. 9th is no better too – in fact, the waning Moon seems to have worsened your mood. Lie low, and let this pass. By 10th, however, you start feeling better, as your confidence returns. Whatever happens, you must never lose faith in your abilities, reminds Ganesha. Around 11th, Mercury also joins Jupiter and (retrograde) Venus in your 2nd House. Ones looking for a cure to an old health issue may stumble upon an alternative cure now. Be on the lookout! 15th is all about trifle domestic matters – repairs, discussions, mundane chores. Whatever it is – it seems to be urgent, so don’t postpone it. While all else seems okay, and the status quo is maintained, it’s your personal equations, maybe marriage or partnership, which suffer, as a result of Venusian retrogression. 22nd brings an eventful time – with a frenetic buzz. You may not be very comfortable on 22nd, as something at work leaves you stressed. On 23rd, Sun moves to your 2nd House – Scorpio, joining the planetary party there. This planetary cluster or Stellium indicates a time of heightened activity in spheres of family and finances. For starters, family related expenses and demands increase. This is a sensitive time, when things can go exceptionally well – or simply bad. So, be on absolute guard; use the astral energy intelligently and constructively. Avoid major decisions; keep a positive, affirmative approach. This is also a time of amplified emotions. Manage your resources well. By 28th and 29th, you are back to the work front – but the home and family remain high on priority. You may meet some of your relatives; there may be a function or ceremony at home. You get love and attention from your family members. But, take time to conserve your energies, as the month ends.


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Social. Analytical. Communicative. Friendly.

Aqua St. Tropez Wrap Watch

about Libra

A voice of reason. The one who calms the storm. One eye on balance and the other on beauty. Ruled by Venus, they their love of beautiful things causes them to surround themselves with art, music and culture. Cooperative by nature, a Libra works well on a team. As a balance a Libra is intolerant of injustice but tries to avoid conflict and keep the peace.