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Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch


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February 19 - March 20

In terms of health, this month is going to be the best. Little disorders like heart, liver, chest, intestines, etc. can disturb your body for the initial fifteen days; however, the rest 15 days would be smooth. Initial 22 days of the month are going to be really beneficial on the career front; during this time, you can plan on moving the business from one location to another. If you’re particularly in a job, the last 8 days of the month can really be fruitful. For business, 4 days of the beginning and 4 days of the end of the month are really fruitful. On the financial front, it is closely suggested to take up assignments only during the second and fourth week of the month. While during the first, third, and fifth week of the month, you will experience tension, mental stress, and restlessness. Pending issues might bring a layer of negativity. This is your ultimate test of patience and calm. Property decisions will be a big task during this time and hasty decisions will kill the vibe of it. Court trials and legal matters will be stretching and tiring. For students, 2nd, 4th, and 5th weeks of the month will be very promising.


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Cleansing. Healing. Psychic. Loving.

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

about Pisces

Always willing to help others. Have an intuitive understanding of life. Have great emotional relationships with others. The friendliness of a Pisces often leads them to have a large and eclectic group of friends. They are selfless and altruistic to a fault. Pisces are in tune with their artistic side and often have a connection to music. Known as the most tolerant sign they are sometimes too forgiving. Pisces is also known to be wise and in tune with other beings.