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Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch


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February 19 - March 20

February will be fantastic for Pisceans in terms of their physical and mental health. Your productivity may increase, and you may succeed and progress in your work. For employees wanting to start their own business, the first eighteen days may not be favourable. They may also get demoted at their job, whereas during the rest of the days, there are chances of incremental benefits and promotion. The first nine days of this month may prove great for business owners. This month may not favour you in terms of finance for the first sixteen days. You may get a huge loss in the stock market as a result of your wrong calculations. You may also get loss while selling your real estate urgently. From 17th February to 28th February, you may feel favourable in terms of finance. You may get anxious and frustrated in matters related to your family at the starting of this month. Though, with the month passing by you may find yourself planning for an auspicious and religious event at your home. For students, the first sixteen days may not be in their favour; but in the second half of this month, they may find themselves getting sincere towards their studies and will strictly follow the schedule. For your romance and sexual life, the beginning of the month will prove hopeful.


Provides soothing powers

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Cleansing. Healing. Psychic. Loving.

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

about Pisces

Always willing to help others. Have an intuitive understanding of life. Have great emotional relationships with others. The friendliness of a Pisces often leads them to have a large and eclectic group of friends. They are selfless and altruistic to a fault. Pisces are in tune with their artistic side and often have a connection to music. Known as the most tolerant sign they are sometimes too forgiving. Pisces is also known to be wise and in tune with other beings.