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Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch


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February 19 - March 20

Are you planning to sell-off an ancestral property or old asset? What is motivating you? Is it the fact that this specific thing has just been lying unused – or earning extra money is the guiding force? Ask yourself! Things won’t be easy on the routine front; work too looks set to be hectic – in month’s first week. Being anxious and restless will only worsen the situation –and your health – reminds Ganesha. Go with the flow! 8th is likely to bring a hurt – or setback in a personal equation. Don’t take to heart, what someone says. They may not even be serious, for all you know. Even on 9th, you are thinking about this incident – or possibly, a similar situation, you had faced long back. Stop it! By 10th, you will feel more optimistic – and when on 11th, Mercury shifts to your zone of luck – things will be back on track to quite an extent. Some travel is also likely – and so is hobnobbing with right people. On 15th and 16th, you are going all out to forge important/ influential contacts. However, Mars and Ketu, moving through your 12th House, may misguide you. Be wary – don’t trust people/ projects on face value. Dig deep; don’t be hasty. This material buzz takes away your focus from personal and love realm. Are you already feeling detached? Look within – who knows, the fault may be in your own attitude, hints Ganesha. Students hit a roadblock – which may prompt them to change their subjects. Don’t be rash! Bad lifestyle starts to show on your health, around 19th/ 20th. It’s time to change. On 22nd, however, you are thinking little else, but money and luxuries. Around 23rd, when Sun joins the ongoing planetary party in your 9th House – fortuitous encounters and coincidences shall not be far. A wish fulfillment is on the cards. You will shine and be noticed. At home and in business, you will get support; travel is on the menu too. Love may come from an old connection. Pleasures of sin are also likely – should you be willing! As the month ends, love is all mushy – but as they say, excess of everything is troublesome. Steer clear of over-possessive behavior.


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Cleansing. Healing. Psychic. Loving.

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

about Pisces

Always willing to help others. Have an intuitive understanding of life. Have great emotional relationships with others. The friendliness of a Pisces often leads them to have a large and eclectic group of friends. They are selfless and altruistic to a fault. Pisces are in tune with their artistic side and often have a connection to music. Known as the most tolerant sign they are sometimes too forgiving. Pisces is also known to be wise and in tune with other beings.