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Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch


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February 19 - March 20

During the first seven and the last three days of July, your health may not support you. Your productivity may decrease, and you may feel less interested in your work during this time. During the rest of the days, your health may support you and your willpower may increase. For employees, the first twenty-two days of this month may prove unfavorable. They would not get support from their co-workers and may get scolded by their seniors during this time. During the rest of the nine days, they may get a new position and responsibility in their job. For businessmen, the first eighteen days may bring lots of prosperity in their business. The first nineteen days of July may prove challenging in your finance related matters, and your income may decrease. You may feel joyous and happy in your family life during the last days of July. For your children's health, education, and career, you may get success during the first, fourth, and fifth weeks of this month. For your matters related to wealth and property, the first eighteen days of July may bring positive results. Students may get success in their studies during the first, third, and fifth weeks of July. For your married life, the first eighteen days of this month may fall in your favor.  


Provides soothing powers

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Cleansing. Healing. Psychic. Loving.

Venetian Amazonite Stones Watch

about Pisces

Always willing to help others. Have an intuitive understanding of life. Have great emotional relationships with others. The friendliness of a Pisces often leads them to have a large and eclectic group of friends. They are selfless and altruistic to a fault. Pisces are in tune with their artistic side and often have a connection to music. Known as the most tolerant sign they are sometimes too forgiving. Pisces is also known to be wise and in tune with other beings.