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November 22 - December 21

As the month begins, thoughts of honing your communication skills and personality are on your agenda. You are also dreaming of making a handsome gain – from a recent project. Well, things may be delayed a bit. But, don’t worry, for if you have justifiably done your work – your sustained efforts will surely bring positive rewards. At work, the peaceful vibe makes you happy on 2nd and 3rd. Use the down-time to build your skill portfolio. On the personal front, things may not be rosy. Around 6th/ 7th, Venus turns retrograde in your 12th House. Steer clear of wasteful pursuits. Unexpected expenses are likely too. On 8th, be quick in responding to an opportunity, or it may pass! Just keep your antennae up, says Ganesha. At this time, all may not be well in your relationship domain, which may make you detached. Well, that’s not right. But yes, lying low may help - for now. Around 11th, Mercury joins Jupiter – in your 12th House. Your efficiency surges. 15th sees you in a low mood, as there may be some discontent in your family. Handle this situation tactfully. Be vigilant in business and professional matters too. Short term travel is likely, around 16th or 17th. Here – there is no harm in mixing business with pleasure! Keep a close eye on your luggage and bearings, though. Around 19th, someone from your past may re-appear – increasing your heart-beat by notches. Is it right to expect a lot from this? Ask yourself! Married ones enjoy a peaceful week. Students may face distractions. 22nd isn’t a great day for – almost anything. Your mind and heart are out of sync! Around 23rd, Sun shifts to Mar-ruled Scorpio – your 12th House. Such cosmic party in your zone of unconscious obviously leaves you vulnerable – every which way. Guard yourself from all corners, says Ganesha. Nonetheless, you may gain from a foreign connection. Sun and Jupiter will also prompt you to spend for charity, a social cause or a religious event. Just don’t go overboard! 29th brings a gain, while you are again weighing your options, as the month ends.


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Black Chrome Highline Watch

about Sagittarius

Open minded and curious to explore the word. Enjoys change. Able to transform thoughts into concrete actions. Their intense curiosity drives them to explore the world. Sagittarius enjoys change and their adaptability helps them achieve their goals. Sagittarius is extremely enthusiastic and possesses a great sense of humor. Their intense honestly can sometimes get them into trouble but is also one of their core qualities. Sagittarius is extroverted and optimistic which makes them a pleasure to be around.