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November 22 - December 21

You will be restless in terms of your personal life. Professionally you will function smoothly. Couples are likely to have disputes and face misunderstandings. Just like them, people living in joint families will also have issues. You may have contradictory thoughts with your friends. Emotional and mental well being will be a matter of concern for you throughout this month. At the workplace, you shall have high authority and exhibit top administrative skills. People who make a living out of their creativity like writers would enjoy a joyous phase. If you have an exam or competition coming up, the results may not live up to your standards. Overall, this month isn’t great from an educational perspective.


Strengthens optimism

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Passionate. Dynamic. Creative. Adventurous.

Black Chrome Highline Watch

about Sagittarius

Open minded and curious to explore the word. Enjoys change. Able to transform thoughts into concrete actions. Their intense curiosity drives them to explore the world. Sagittarius enjoys change and their adaptability helps them achieve their goals. Sagittarius is extremely enthusiastic and possesses a great sense of humor. Their intense honestly can sometimes get them into trouble but is also one of their core qualities. Sagittarius is extroverted and optimistic which makes them a pleasure to be around.