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October 24 - November 21

This month, your love relationship is going to fly high and experience a very fruitful time in case you plan for a wedding. Be ready for a trail of expenditures that are going to follow by in regards to the family, friends, and other delicate matters. This is your time to be very careful in matters of skin diseases caused by heat. With a little iffy stomach, your condition on the health front wouldn’t be bothered much. On the business front, if not losses, no prominent profits are seen anyway. In case you are collaborating with the government or signing contracts, there are chances of hurdles appearing mid-way and fewer profits coming your way; delay in contracts can also be seen. Arguments with government officials shouldn’t take place. Guidance from seniors is closely suggested. If children are your concern of stress, take a deep breath and boom! Your stress will be gone. Profit isn’t a very prominent element during this phase but financial stability is seen. Investing in property doesn’t seem to be a good decision- selling it off does.


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Tan Gold Stud Watch

about Scorpio

Passionate and assertive. Research until they find the truth. Always aware of the situation surrounding them. The Scorpio lives experience and express emotion. A natural leader based on their awareness of situations and resourcefulness. Scorpio does not tolerate dishonesty and can quickly become jealous. However, once you befriend a Scorpio they are a fiercely loyal friend for life.