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October 24 - November 21

This month would prove really great for your health related matters, though people having heart issues or blood pressure related problems may have to take additional care. Young generation may not face any major health issues during July. You may feel more energetic during this month. The last week of this month may prove complicated for your health. For your business, the first two weeks of this month may prove a little challenging, though, after that period, your profit margin would improve. In your business, you may plan well for marketing strategy, production, and quality of your products in order to get new clients or expand your branches. Employees may also get great times during July. They may go for a business trip during the first two weeks of this month. It’s advisable for you to avoid matters related to property during this time. During the first two weeks, your hopes for government related work may disappoint you, and you may have to believe and trust only yourself to fulfill all your work.


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Tan Gold Stud Watch

about Scorpio

Passionate and assertive. Research until they find the truth. Always aware of the situation surrounding them. The Scorpio lives experience and express emotion. A natural leader based on their awareness of situations and resourcefulness. Scorpio does not tolerate dishonesty and can quickly become jealous. However, once you befriend a Scorpio they are a fiercely loyal friend for life.