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Tan Gold Stud Watch

Tan Gold Stud Watch


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October 24 - November 21

The month of October brings with itself good earning opportunities as well as all-round appreciation. You shall be in an authoritative position and fortune shall be with you. This shall give your confidence a shot in the arm. People who live in a joint family may see some friction in relationships. They may have to live separately for some time or change their residence to a new place altogether. Youngsters shall feel upbeat and will get an opportunity to prove themselves. People working in a foreign company or country are going to see major monetary reward come their way. People in the export and import business or who have a similar enterprise are likely to have a favourable month. Students will have a fantastic month as well.


Pulls out the fog of misunderstandings

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Cleansing. Healing. Psychic. Loving.

Tan Gold Stud Watch

about Scorpio

Passionate and assertive. Research until they find the truth. Always aware of the situation surrounding them. The Scorpio lives experience and express emotion. A natural leader based on their awareness of situations and resourcefulness. Scorpio does not tolerate dishonesty and can quickly become jealous. However, once you befriend a Scorpio they are a fiercely loyal friend for life.