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October 24 - November 21

On the 1st, take a chill pill. Struggles and delay test your endurance. So, go with the flow. 2nd and 3rd see you in a better mood. Benevolent Jupiter helps you on many accounts, bringing you some positive momentum. Sun and Mercury together provide necessary intellectual impetus, helping you feel confident and sure of yourself. As the family gathers on 5th and 6th, someone may ask about your plans to get married – if you are single, that is. Handle this tactfully. Good tidings for students and researchers. Around 7th, Venus turns retrograde, adding a little more to the cosmic confusion. However ambitious you feel on 8th, just go slow, says Ganesha. Don’t let the temptations lure you. A fresh dose of inspiration comes with the New Moon on 10th. On 11th, the crafty Mercury enters your Sign, moving along with Jupiter and Venus. This cosmic alignment is positive for your social standing, confidence and monetary gains. However, too much planetary activity in one zone leads to excessive energy, which is liable to go either way – good or bad. On 13th or 14th, something may affront you, leaving you stressed or unhappy. Let it go! Mars energizes your 4th House – of heart and home, and also influences your Karmic zone, mid-month. But on 16th, when Moon connects with Saturn in your 3rd House, be careful, while dealing with your siblings and cousins – or even a neighbor. Now - plan well and ahead – if you are travelling for work or social reasons. If you are studying in the side, heavy work pressure may not give you time to study, in month’s latter part. 22nd is a day when you just wish to relax and unwind. A movie, lunch date or simply watching your favorite videos – are all great ideas! Around 23rd, mighty Sun moves into your Sign, meaning it is the time of Solar Return for you. Your confidence surges; you feel attractive and energetic. Spotlight is trained on you; perform on a stage now, says Ganesha. Love takes a back-seat, though. Health needs care. On 29th, an opportunity arises, if you are planning a job change. The progress will be slow but steady. Something shifts, as the month ends. Is it you accepting a transfer order?


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Tan Gold Stud Watch

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Passionate and assertive. Research until they find the truth. Always aware of the situation surrounding them. The Scorpio lives experience and express emotion. A natural leader based on their awareness of situations and resourcefulness. Scorpio does not tolerate dishonesty and can quickly become jealous. However, once you befriend a Scorpio they are a fiercely loyal friend for life.