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October 24 - November 21

As a Scorpion, you may feel your ego creating issues in your relationship during the first two weeks of this month. Your current relationship may get stressful, and there are chances of it getting broken; thus you may require taking additional care during this time. You may benefit from your maternal side. Your mother will benefit from her brother after the 14th of February. You may feel admiration for animals and may feel like adopting one. It would be best if you took good care of your health, or you may catch a cold, cough, fever or skin related diseases. There are chances of an outing or a trip during this month. For business people or people working in private companies, this month will be quite favourable. Although employees may struggle at work, there are probabilities of some conflicts with their seniors as well. People in business may have to struggle in regards to a court case and government-related projects, which may prove to be bad for their business. The second half of this month will make things better. Your income during this month will be significant, but along with that, you may incur some huge expenses as well. There may be some expenses related to religious activities, marriage or engagement during this month. You will be able to invest in mutual funds, stocks, bonds, insurance schemes, fixed deposits and more. For your family and children, this month may show you some conflicts.


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Tan Gold Stud Watch

about Scorpio

Passionate and assertive. Research until they find the truth. Always aware of the situation surrounding them. The Scorpio lives experience and express emotion. A natural leader based on their awareness of situations and resourcefulness. Scorpio does not tolerate dishonesty and can quickly become jealous. However, once you befriend a Scorpio they are a fiercely loyal friend for life.