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Zuma Beach Stones Watch

Zuma Beach Stones Watch


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April 20 - May 20

This month may give you many ups and downs for your life. Your thought process may prove to be a hindrance in your work. It’s advisable for you not to make impulsive decisions or you would have to face losses during this month. You should also stabilize your mentality and bring positive change in your thoughts. You may choose meditation, yoga, Reiki, etc. to stay mentally healthy. People having health issues related to heart, blood pressure, depression, migration, etc. would require being cautious during this month. You should take your medicine on time. There are chances of traveling in this period, but it’s in your favor if you try to avoid it. There are chances of some conflicts with your neighbors. You may witness some differences from employees working under you, thus you should only trust o yourself and do your work on your own to avoid problems and loss of reputation in the market. You would require being cautious and active in whatever you do during July.


Mixes natural sensitivity with selectivity

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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Zuma Beach Stones Watch

about Taurus

Most dependable sign of the zodiac. Practical voice of reason in chaotic situations. Very connected to a sense of touch in both work and personal life. A Taurus is stable and conservative and dislikes sudden change. Their unwavering nature allows them to stick with with any project they start until completion. The bull is known to be stubborn but with that comes a deep commitment to the people and tasks around them. Ruled by Venus, a Taurus is creative and enjoys working with their hands.