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Zuma Beach Stones Watch

Zuma Beach Stones Watch


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April 20 - May 20

You are keen to enhance the lifestyle for your family, as the month begins. Naturally, money and ways to enhance your income are on your mind, at this time. Well, short cuts won’t do, as they will only run you into troubles, reminds Ganesha. On 2nd or 3rd, a close friend or relative may come seeking your financial help. If this person is really needy, please don’t hesitate in going ahead – but if you see foul here, be open and refuse. Chances of recovering this money will be bleak. 5th and 6th are busy days at work/ business. When it comes to relationships, you must steer clear of temptations, if you are already married or committed. On 8th, your mood may not be at its best. Blame it on the moon, and keep moving ahead. Things get better by the 9th, when a New Moon starts rising, urging you to put your plans to paper. Some financial matters may be on your agenda now – just be extra careful, as the cosmic support is not strong. Back home, are you planning an escape from your relationship, sometime on 12th or 13th? Relax; this is a momentary feeling; just be tactful, and lie low. 15th and 16th are good days to do some quiet soul-searching. Find peace in meditation, creative activities or playing with kids. Take your mind dutifully away from the issues that are bothering you. 17th and 18th are all about work – in reality as well as in your mind. In love, you will have to be inventive to keep your sweetie happy. Health must remain on top of your priority list – so, no missing that gym! 22nd brings some home issues, most likely pertaining to your sibling/s, to the forefront. By 23rd, Sun joins the ongoing planetary party in your 7th House – the astral alignment that’s causing so much drama in your married life or business partnership. These areas naturally get under the spotlight – now, there’s no escaping them. Conserve your energy, remain centered yet address it all with patience and gentle wit. No sarcasm, aggression or harsh remarks would do! You are craving to get a relaxing day full of happy moments and friendly banter with your siblings or cousins. If cosmos or work refuse to give it to you easily – well, snatch it! Be there to extend support to your loved ones, when they need it. As the month ends, plans of renovation or home improvement are high on your agenda.


Mixes natural sensitivity with selectivity

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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Zuma Beach Stones Watch

about Taurus

Most dependable sign of the zodiac. Practical voice of reason in chaotic situations. Very connected to a sense of touch in both work and personal life. A Taurus is stable and conservative and dislikes sudden change. Their unwavering nature allows them to stick with with any project they start until completion. The bull is known to be stubborn but with that comes a deep commitment to the people and tasks around them. Ruled by Venus, a Taurus is creative and enjoys working with their hands.