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Zuma Beach Stones Watch

Zuma Beach Stones Watch


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April 20 - May 20

June is going to witness tricky ups and downs in love and relationship. Family, friends, and other associates will see you in a confused state; you are suggested to keep calm. In matters of love, there are chances that you will fly out of the city/country with your partner. Health will be a good arena this month as except little viral infections that are going to cause cold or minor cough. New job opportunities seem enticing and there are chances of a distant job. The family bond test will be at peak and there might be little difference in the point of views of the family members. Not only this, there are chances you might change your field of business completely; do not fall for hasty decisions. If you have constructed an illegal property, it will be demolished. In case you are a student, keep your deep concentration on the studies and do not let your dedication deviate from the studies. College students will have a feeling to study a subject in deep but also of changing the institution for a better one. In case you are up for your wedding or engagement, you will have a trail of hurdles to follow by; married couples have no better situation during this phase.


Mixes natural sensitivity with selectivity

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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Zuma Beach Stones Watch

about Taurus

Most dependable sign of the zodiac. Practical voice of reason in chaotic situations. Very connected to a sense of touch in both work and personal life. A Taurus is stable and conservative and dislikes sudden change. Their unwavering nature allows them to stick with with any project they start until completion. The bull is known to be stubborn but with that comes a deep commitment to the people and tasks around them. Ruled by Venus, a Taurus is creative and enjoys working with their hands.