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Blue Marble Cognac Watch

Blue Marble Cognac Watch


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August 23 - September 22

This month shall prove to be moderate for the natives of Virgo. People employed in consultancy services shall receive recognition at their workplace. You will get to showcase your skills and garner praise from your peers and superiors. Students wishing to appear for competitive examinations can expect desired results after the second week. Research scholars will be in a position to reveal hitherto unknown facts about their subject. If you are a salaried employee, you shall have to put in a lot of efforts in order to establish yourself. It is indicated that you shall make an investment in real estate this month. People in business will have to display patience to see the fruition of their work. It is advised that you pay attention to your personal life in the last week. You may have to issue a clarification on the personal front.


Sharpens mind for details

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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Blue Marble Cognac Watch

about Virgo

Pays attention to small details. Deep sense of humanity. Goal oriented. Virgo has a methodical approach to life which leaves nothing to chance. Their passion for organization leads their dreams to be strictly defined points in their mind. Virgo has a well-developed sense of communication which shows in their analytical nature. Although sometimes critical, Virgo likes to please others and are known to be very kind and tender.