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August 23 - September 22

You are happy at the month’s beginning. Some windfall gains are behind this happiness, it seems. But then, what comes – goes too – on 3rd or 4th, when an unexpected expense sets you back a bit. Or, a loss is likely. Stay cautious. Your Sign ruler Mercury joins Sun in your 2nd House – so family and financial front is strong and safe, but it would still pay to remain careful. Avoid lending money to someone in the family – unless you are sure about this person. Around 6th, Venus turns retrograde in Scorpio – your 3rd House. Be even more careful in matters related to siblings, cousins, relatives, inheritances and your overall expressions. You are liable to be perceived as wrong, or you may be hurt by a loved one’s behavior, warns Ganesha. Stay calm. Distractions abound, so education endeavors may suffer. By 10th, you will feel better, thanks to a New Moon. Around 11, your Sign ruler Mercury moves to your 3rd House – joining Jupiter and retrograde Venus. Quite a cosmic party there! It seems matters related to this zone will stay at the centre of your universe, for now. Socializing and meeting your relatives is foreseen. On 15th, however, you are back to work – and how! Your mind is full of ideas for growth and success. This time may be quite busy for you, especially on the occupational front. But, don’t shirk your responsibilities at home. Find balance! Married fellows trying to conceive a baby, since long may have the cosmic support now. 22nd is not a day, when you should schedule something important. In fact, take a break from work, if you feel unwell. By 23rd, Sun too moves to Scorpio – your 3rd House. Are you talking too much? You must not be arrogant or rash, while communicating with your near ones. Your social diary is full – at the moment. People will be attracted to you – especially the way you communicate. No, no, no – don’t let this get to your head, warns Ganesha. 29th and 30th see some conflicts and disagreements. Basically, you are not as happy as you had been lately. Expenses surge; be careful. Are you travelling back to your residence? Possibly! Love brings respite, as the month ends.


Sharpens mind for details

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Grounded. Practical. Loyal. Stable.

Blue Marble Cognac Watch

about Virgo

Pays attention to small details. Deep sense of humanity. Goal oriented. Virgo has a methodical approach to life which leaves nothing to chance. Their passion for organization leads their dreams to be strictly defined points in their mind. Virgo has a well-developed sense of communication which shows in their analytical nature. Although sometimes critical, Virgo likes to please others and are known to be very kind and tender.